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US-6299572-B1: Print image positioning patent, US-6360296-B1: Disk control apparatus patent, US-6688730-B2: Ink jet recording system and method of preserving recording head patent, US-6756540-B2: Self-adhering chip patent, US-4039063-A: Run-out apparatus and method for roll-formed panels patent, US-4462990-A: Biologically active substances, their obtainment from human casein and compositions containing said substances patent, US-4734081-A: Constant velocity elastomeric bearing joint patent, US-4737224-A: Process of dry adhesive-free thermal transfer of indicia patent, US-4815612-A: Display for packaged supplies patent, US-4880531-A: Pool vacuum filter bag patent, US-4994772-A: Acoustic charge transport processor patent, US-5014847-A: Container-display unit for articles hanging from rods patent, US-5026020-A: Miniature compound lever pinch valve/regulator patent, US-5082774-A: Recombinant human nerve growth factor patent, US-5106607-A: Multilobar catalysts for the conversion of sulfur containing gaseous effluents patent, US-5125589-A: Tape dispenser with controlled-friction unwind patent, US-5483221-A: Seat belt usage indicating system patent, US-5573757-A: Viscoelastic compositions containing concentrated fluorinated compounds their method of preparation and their uses patent, US-5782590-A: Apparatus for contour shaping and finish beveling edges of eyewear lenses patent, US-5799606-A: Pop-up temperature indicating device patent, US-5864891-A: Women's under garment with separator panel patent, US-6112199-A: Data item values patent, US-6240375-B1: Method of simulating an integrated circuit for error correction in a configuration model, and a computer-readable recording medium patent, US-6296442-B1: Turbomachine stator vane set patent, US-6335532-B1: Convergent charged particle beam apparatus and inspection method using same patent, US-6407381-B1: Wafer scale image sensor package patent, US-6503979-B1: Method for cross-linking hydrogels with bis- and poly-2-oxazolidinones patent, US-6752513-B2: Retrofit recessed fluorescent strip fixture and method patent, US-4324424-A: Slip-type conduit hub for enclosures patent, US-4496651-A: Color transfer photographic processes and products patent, US-4605747-A: α-Benzyl-α-triazolyl pinacolone compounds patent, US-4810039-A: Device for coupling in rotation a wheel hub patent, US-4824414-A: Inflatable toy with hook and loop ball attachment patent, US-5085611-A: Amusement device for a wheel patent, US-5698811-A: Igniting unit for a propellant charge patent, US-5950025-A: Print format selection device for camera patent, US-5998917-A: Flat picture tube patent, US-6282323-B1: Image processing method and apparatus patent, US-6357981-B1: Fastener structure patent, US-4906268-A: Heating oven for preparing optical waveguide fibers patent, US-5050830-A: Detachable golf scorecard holder patent, US-5158446-A: Combination pressure and temperature limit control for a fuel-fired, forced draft heating appliance combustion product exhaust system patent, US-5318016-A: Inhalation device patent, US-5329963-A: Method of and apparatus for packaging a beverage in a container patent, US-5395282-A: Method and apparatus for processing fish fillets patent, US-5636634-A: Systems using guide sheaths for introducing, deploying, and stabilizing cardiac mapping and ablation probes patent, US-5721609-A: Exposure apparatus with a PLZT shutter which received light from a projecting means capable of sequentially generating red, blue and green light patent, US-5923779-A: Computing circuit having an instantaneous recognition function and instantaneous recognition method patent, US-6077909-A: Low chlorine content compositions for use in lubricants and fuels patent, US-6272544-B1: Dynamically assigning priorities for the allocation of server resources to completing classes of work based upon achievement of server level goals patent, US-6376185-B1: DNA sequences of genes from fimbriae d'escherichia coli strain DSM 6601 patent, US-3806297-A: Concrete precasting machine patent, US-4257907-A: Disinfectant cleaning compositions patent, US-4526150-A: Fuel injection apparatus for internal combustion engines patent, US-4636161-A: Screen for selectively perforating thermoplastic film patent, US-4786156-A: Remote control side mirror device for vehicle patent, US-4833465-A: Electronic door lock patent, US-4927106-A: Presentation podium patent, US-4937951-A: System for securing a foot or inner shoe in a ski boot or climbing boot patent, US-5075353-A: Fiber-reinforced thermosetting resin molding material and method for production thereof patent, US-5246482-A: Molten metal producing and refining method patent, US-5569626-A: Piezo-optical pressure sensitive switch and methods for fabricating the same patent, US-5595458-A: Biofilter bags for erosion control patent, US-5642523-A: Microprocessor with variable size register windowing patent, US-5787165-A: Handsfree radiotelephone having dynamic path attenuation control for echo suppression patent, US-6031418-A: Method and apparatus for demodulating digital frequency modulation (FM) signals patent, US-6120384-A: Custom-fabricated golf club device and method patent, US-6183996-B1: Nucleotide sequence encoding carbamoyl phosphate synthetase II patent, US-6480832-B2: Method and apparatus to model the variables of a data set patent, US-6695321-B2: Quick-connect mechanism patent, US-6698576-B2: Method and device for transferring a product in a packaging machine patent, US-6754111-B2: Dual bandgap voltage reference system and method for reducing current consumption during a standby mode of operation and for providing reference stability during an active mode of operation patent, US-4056344-A: Apparatus for producing composite extrusions patent, US-4695390-A: Reaction product of polyalrylene-substituted polycarboxylic acid acylating agent, polyamine and sulfolene as a dispersant patent, US-4904405-A: Aerosol preparations containing mixtures of phosphate esters patent, US-4952650-A: Suspension polymerization patent, US-5011217-A: Unified frame/body assembly for vehicle patent, US-5075763-A: High temperature metallization system for contacting semiconductor materials patent, US-5228623-A: Airport runway cleaning method and apparatus patent, US-5401901-A: Weather-resistant electromagnetic interference shielding for electronic equipment enclosures patent, US-5407729-A: Light diffracting material having improved launderability patent, US-5506373-A: Electronic module enclosure patent, US-5624987-A: Polyalkylene ethers as plasticizers and flow aids in poly(1,4-cyclohexanedimethylene terephthalate) resins patent, US-5864331-A: Shielding system and method for an entertainment system for use with a magnetic resonance imaging device patent, US-5893697-A: Automated system for selecting packages from a storage area patent, US-5991604-A: Ring detecting circuit and method for wireless/wired composite telephone patent, US-6184167-B1: Thermally stable modified ZSM-5 zeolite materials with micro porosities and method of making same patent, US-6212477-B1: Converted-wave analysis system and method patent, US-6259184-B1: Load shifting device patent, US-6315293-B1: Baseball board games with raised stadium indicia patent, US-6450277-B1: Arrangement for temporarily displaying an image on a motor vehicle panel patent, US-6453950-B1: Tube for conveying a liquid patent, US-6488108-B1: Drive unit for a motor vehicle patent, US-6502905-B2: Floor mat and integrated foot rest patent, US-6550512-B2: Labeling machine capable of preventing erroneous attachment of labels on containers patent, US-6643816-B1: Transmitting apparatus and error handling method in transmitting apparatus patent, US-6690992-B1: Game software management system, linking game files patent, US-4185138-A: Size composition and method of producing same to render glass fiber having improved dispersibility in aqueous solutions patent, US-4513135-A: Diaryl-pyrazine derivatives affecting GABA binding patent, US-4583155-A: Side mounted rear view mirror with brake light patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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